Photography & Videography Policy


By participating in Centre for Social Impact Technology (CSIT) events, you agree that your face or likeness may appear in:

  • Official Centre for Social Impact Technology photography or videography; or
  • associated organizations webpages, or video productions.

Your image may be used for:

  • Promotion, marketing, print or digital materials, or in any other medium (for example, on CSIT websites or other sites that promote or mention CSIT, or in the creation of online albums for the event.)
  • Promotion, marketing, print or digital materials, or in any other medium for associated organization events, or video productions.

You consent to being photographed or videoed by CSIT media team members while in any event spaces, including event venues, socials and associated locations whether indoor or outdoor (for example, in venue parking lots or in venue common areas).

You hold no rights to any photographs, videos, or any other representations of you produced by the media team of CSIT, its employees, volunteers, affiliates, or participants. You may use the photographs for personal use provided you comply with any directions for use set out by CSIT or the photographer/videographer. If you plan to use the image for self-promotion or commercial purposes, you must obtain permission from CSIT and (when applicable), the photographer/videographer.

Asking for an image or video removal:

If you are identifiable in a photo or video used, you may request CSIT remove an image you don’t like, or if there is a specific use you would prefer not to be associated with. CSIT will change the photograph within 48 hours of acknowledging the request. If you are identifiable in a photo or video used, you may request CSIT to not use a specific image of you.

CSIT will remove any image from online albums that you are not comfortable with within 48 hours of the request. However, in cases where the photo has been printed onto event promotional materials (for example, posters or banners) or is part of an event digital poster, graphic, or other design (for example, website or Facebook banners), CSIT may decide to continue using the image. We will continue to use the image only when it is not feasible (in CSIT’s sole discretion) to change the image. For example, if an image is printed, it may not be financially feasible to re-print, and the amount of work needed to create a banner may be too great to remake one.

When you can take your own videos/photos:

You can take pictures or videos of talks, panels, and discussions, with the exception of private discussions where subjects or events specifically request no videos or photos be taken. For example, a specific group may request no one take videos of their conversation.

You are not permitted to take photographs or videos of individuals not related to the event, for example, other attendees or employees of the venue or catering staff (if applicable) without their express verbal or written permission.

CSIT will seek permission prior to posting or using any privately acquired photographs or videos, but retains the right to re-share or embed any photographs or videos publicly posted on social media without specific consent.

Rules about taking videos and photos:

Remember that not everyone likes having photos or videos taken and/or posted. You are responsible for ensuring that the subject of your non-official video or photo consents to appear. For example, you should ask participants prior to (or, in some cases, immediately after) filming if they consent to having the video or photo posted. You must not post photos or videos without the consent of the subject. If any person requests you remove a photograph or video of them, you must do so as soon as possible.

You should only film portions of workshops with the consent of the presenter. Please be aware that workshops, presentations, and panels are how some professionals make their living. Any videos where instruction or consultation takes place must not be posted publicly online or otherwise shared, and must be used in accordance with Fair Use legislation. This means you can do things like share it privately, but not post online for your whole community to learn from.

If you have questions about this policy, or you would like to request that your image not be used, please contact

Policy last updated: October 26th, 2022