About us

The Centre for Social Impact Technology is a city-wide knowledge hub for nurturing dialogue, learning, and action on the convergence of social innovation and digital technology innovation.  The vision of the Centre is to catalyze an innovation ecosystem in Calgary around technology that is not only socially beneficial but socially transformative (responsible, open, inclusive, shared, and regenerative). 

Transforming Calgary into a hub for technology-enabled social innovation

The Centre will support Calgary’s digital transformation, connecting Calgary’s burgeoning tech economy to the many people and organizations working on social innovation.

Building a digital civil society

There are profound shifts in civil society driving the need for a technologically-empowered nonprofit sector, a more advanced social R&D culture, and calls from equity-deserving communities to have a greater voice in the development of technology to address complex social challenges informed by data, research insights, and a systems perspective. 

Nurturing, retaining, and attracting purpose-driven talent

The Centre will help local campuses develop ‘talent pipelines’, where students can rapidly gain a shared set of skills, competencies, and mindsets to enter and thrive in this ‘tech for social transformation’ space.

Building shared knowledge and dialogue

The Centre hosts webinars, in-person gatherings and other learning events; connects Calgarians to national and international learning opportunities; and produces research-driven publications around an array of topics where social meets tech. 

To do this there are a range of topics CSIT explores:

  • Ethical & responsible tech
  • Human-centered design
  • Agency & voice in tech
  • Open knowledge & data transparency
  • Commons-based platforms
  • OCAP & Indigenous IP sovereignty
  • Systems thinking, mapping, change & practice
  • Nonprofit sector data & tech capacity
  • Purpose-driven tech innovation
  • Collective intelligence & ‘cobotics’
  • Social data ecosystem
  • The social impact potential and peril of AI, blockchain, and metaverse